New fine for tall grass in Fishers


A new $250 fine will hit homeowners in Fishers who fail to cut their grass. Tall grass, constituted as anything taller than 8 inches, is being dealt with new severity by the town.This is partly because of the increased number of vacant homes.

Up until this year, the procedure was the town would charge the unmaintained lawns the cost of labor to cut the tall grass. The new code includes a flat $250 penalty no matter the size of the lot, in addition to the associated labor costs depending on lot size.

A lawn that does not meet code will first receive a door-knocker outlining the infraction,and then a certified letter. A second inspection will be made five days later. If the grass has still not been cut, the homeowner will be summoned to the Fishers town court.

Last year, more than 1,000 letters were sent to Fishers residents. Approximately 70 percent of the letters went to occupied homes. Lawns that fail to meet the new standard can be reported to the appropriate homeowner association, or


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