I’m a Carmel Runner: Amy Barker


I’m running the Carmel: Half Marathon

Number of years as a Carmel resident: 13

Goal for the 2012 Carmel Marathon Championship Weekend: Personal record.

Why I started running: Started running five years ago with Team in Training – a great way to learn the skills needed to do endurance events and to raise money for a great cause (the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society).

Favorite place to run in Carmel: The Monon.

I run with: Team in Training.

When I’m not running: I play soccer on two women’s soccer leagues, the Carmel Women’s Soccer Club and at Off the Wall.

One word to describe what running means to me: Camaraderie.

How running/exercise has changed my life: I have met so many amazing and inspiring people through running, and it has allowed me to reach, and sometimes even surpass my wildest goals.

Race day lucky charm(s): My iPod.

Advice for new runners: If you are patient and determined, you can do anything!

Why I decided to run a race: I ran Carmel’s Half Marathon last year and I loved it. Looking forward to this year’s race, which will be my 10th half marathon.