Rejecting school referendum



After 35 years as an elementary teacher, a strong Indiana State Teachers Association/National Education Association supporter and a Zionsville resident of more than 20 years, I’d like to share my views of why I am voting “No”concerning the school referendum. During the years, it has been frustrating to see programs, books, etc., costing thousands of dollars bought and not used. Becoming a Four Star School involves character traits that money can’t buy: care, dedication, effort and a respectful attitude just to name a few on the part of students, parents, administrators and teachers. Zionsville is already an expensive place to live. With our utilities increasing probably 30 percent, along with a possible 1-percenttax on all bank transactions, an increase in property taxes will have alot of homeowners not being able to keep up their properties. Definitely not a plus in attracting new residents!

P. Helvey