Town Hall to hold early voting Friday, Saturday for school referendum


Zionsville school referendum supporters want class sizes reduced, programs such as science and reading restored and pending additional cuts averted through passage of the ballot measure on May 8.

Community members gathered on Thursday to pick up yard signs and other support materials, and to encourage fellow citizens to show support for a school system they say is struggling with changes in school funding.

Early voting is available at Zionsville Town Hall during the following times:
Friday, 5 to 9 p.m.

Saturday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Despite cuts to support staff, administration, central office staff and transportation, the district has still had to reduce its teaching staff by more than 50 teachers during the last four years. Class sizes have significantly increased, with more than 256 classes now serving 30-plus students. In 2006, the district had no classes at that level.

Zionsville parent Debbie Ungar said, “Without the ability to decrease our class sizes and restore vital programs like science and reading, many of the things we value are at risk: our children’s future, our investments in our homes, our Zionsville pride and our ability to make decisions locally about our own destiny.”

“Our neighboring communities are already using this uncertainty to compete with us for our best teachers, home sales and business development,” saidMary Reid, a local volunteer. “We can not allow this to continue.”