Political Noise Pollution


It is our position that negative political campaign advertising is a counterproductive use of time, money and the attention of the voting public. As Election Day nears, the airwaves are filled with a cacophony of harsh-voiced accusations. Television images project defaced candidate caricatures as a flood of postcards fill mailboxes with negative messages. All this finger pointing just seems to be creating a big obnoxious cloud of political noise pollution. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions churning the negative campaign machines that are producing all the smoke and mirrors. Are registered voters expected to go to the polls with the mindset of, “Who are we voting against today?” Just as we have a right to vote in this country, we also have a right to clear and concise positive messages from those seeking political office. Voters want and deserve to know what these candidates “can” and “will” do for their constituents, as opposed to casting a vote because another candidate “didn’t” and “won’t.”  Give voters credit. Give voters good information. Give voters eyes and ears a break. Get rid of the political noise pollution and let voters breathe easily during election season.