Stop complaints about Wilson



Ack! I can’t stay silent any longer! You received another complaint letter about Danielle Wilson’s column? Seriously? It is these complaint letters that will cause me to toss my next Current in Carmel in the trash. The holier-than-thou spirit that permeates these letters is the very attitude I worried existed in beautiful Carmel. Those readers nitpick on her pluck, wag on her swag – they’re a hornet’s nest of intolerance. Quality publications offer a range of columnists with different styles and focus. Complainers: if you don’t like her moxie, don’t read her column!

Nina Johnson, 46033


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  1. Amen Sister!!  I RUN to my mailbox every week in anticipation for her articles.
    If you do not like her – than do not read her hilarious rants!
    Keep her coming 🙂

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