Organizers prepare for 2nd Bed Race


The greatest spectacle in racing will occur in Indianapolis on May 27. The greatest race in Noblesville will take place six days later on the downtown square at 9:30 a.m. June 2. The second Bed Race, sponsored by the Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville and Noblesville Parks and Recreation Dept., involves racing custom-designed beds on wheels along Logan Street.


Teams are made of five people – four runners/pushers and one rider. Teams are allowed to have an alternate in case of an injury; however, the alternate can’t be used to relieve another team member.

Participation is open to all Hamilton County residents ages 16 and older.

Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville Unit Director Abigail Stutesman said she hopes to have 24 teams participate in the race. Beds can be custom made, or Community Hospital has provided “vehicles,” which require a higher entrance fee.

“It’s challenging and fun,” Stutesman said.

Participants will help provide youth summer camp scholarships for both the Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville and Noblesville Parks and Recreation. All of the proceeds from this event go directly to scholarships for both programs, which split the funds evenly.

“It seems like every year it (scholarship needs) grows. It truly does help out,” Stutesman said.

“We get a lot of scholarship requests,” added Brandon Bennett, Noblesville Parks and Recreation assistant director. “We don’t ever want anyone to not attend a camp because they can’t afford to.”

Downtown Noblesville will be quite busy June 2 as the Bed Race will coincide with the Noblesville Lions Club Pancake Breakfast, Old Mill Festival, plein-air painters, National Trails Day and the opening of the Judge Stone House.

“With it all in one location it should give it a whole new atmosphere,” said Bennett. “It’ll make it much more entertaining for racers as well as spectators. We’re going to have fun, bring that downtown feeling . . . Families can really make a nice day in downtown Noblesville.”

Team registration is $50 for custom-made beds and $100 for provided beds. Registration forms can be found at and turned in to the Boys & Girls Club of Noblesville, 1448 Conner St. For more information, contact Abigail Stutesman at 773-4372.