ThriveMap system keeps people focused on goals


Thrivemap, a goal-building system created by motivational speaker CJ McClanahan, is celebrating its second session on June 29. After more than 20 years studying successful businesses and the people behind them, McClanahan has developed a system to help attendees connect with their goals and actually achieve them.


Thrivemap attendees build a visual map to help them tangibly plan their future. McClanahan recognizes that goal setting is arbitrary unless the attendees know what they want to achieve. Because of this, the session begins by asking what the attendees hope is said at their funeral. Working backward from there, a map is created for the future.

McClanahan said, “We have created something that is visible and one can get their arms around very easily. You can hang up the map and your brain is crystal clear on what you want to do when looking at it. This visual helps people focus on what they want to do, which helps change their behavior.”

McClanahan explained that this is what makes his sessions different than setting a New Year’s resolution that is destined to fail. A visual aid – the map – helps establish an emotional connection to the goals from which attendees can draw motivation.

“The most important part of the session is that when you get a room of innovative and enthusiastic people that are committed to change, part of the energy in the room makes the change possible,” McClanahan added.

To encourage implementation of the ThriveMap after the session, McClanahan will randomly draw the name of an attendee. If the attendee is actively utilizing the ThriveMap and hangs it in their office, they will receive a free vacation for two.

Professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone who is passionate about achieving their goals are invited to attend the session at the Forum Credit Union.