Westfield City Council recap


Action: Library issuance of bonds

What it means: The Westfield Washington Public Library Board of Trustees adopted a resolution on April 11 determining that there were not sufficient funds available or provided for in existing tax levies to pay the total cost of the renovation of and improvements to the library. The library is looking to issue bonds in the amount of $2 million for the purpose of renovating its facility. The project will redesign some of the space for better operating efficiency and include a dedicated computer lab, quiet study rooms, community/library programming room and a space for its teen patrons.

What’s next: The council will hold a public comments portion during its June 11 meeting.


Action: Transfer of dollars to the Rainy Day Fund

What it means: The city is looking to transfer $600 previously allocated in the Interest Fund to the Rainy Day Fund. These sums are being transferred pursuant to direction and instruction from Westfield Clerk-Treasurer Cindy Gossard.

What’s next: The council will consider adopting the transfer on June 11.


Action: Amendments to traffic regulations

What it means: The city council previously approved traffic regulation amendments on April 9. Since then, changes have been made to establish speed limits and time periods for school zones.

What’s next: New school zone signs will be placed during the summer and will take effect during the start of the 2012-13 school year in August.


Action: Transfer of funds from Greenspace Beautification

What it means: The Westfield Parks & Recreation Dept. received two donations for Arbor Day plants. The department is looking to transfer the $2,600 from the Greenspace Beautification Fund to the Greenspace Fund.

What’s next: Second reading and possible adoption will come at the June 11 meeting.


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