Council’s bridge call right on the money


Brian Kelly and Steve Greenberg

The Zionsville Town Council recently pulled the plug – correctly and seemingly temporarily – on funding for the 1940s-era, steel-truss bridge installation slated for Ford Road. Bickering and finger-pointing exercises between council members and those among the Boone County Commissioners reached a point where it was tabled. At issue is whether the town would be emblematic of good stewardship of county dollars. On the residents’ side, there are ecological and heavy-traffic concerns. We don’t necessarily have a dog in the fight, and we’re all for repurposing, but a bridge from the ’40s? Even if it were free, it still makes us scratch our heads. It doesn’t seem to us to represent infrastructure for the future.

* * *

The long-awaited draft of an economic development strategic plan for the southeast portion of town is online at It’s a hefty 128MB file, so please be patient as it downloads – and be sure to read it if you have an interest in the economic future of the area. The formal public presentation of the draft will be at 7 p.m., June 26 at Zionsville Town Hall’s Community Room.

* * *

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