ZHS graduates 14 sets of twins


Zionsville’s Class of 2012 included 14 sets of twins, but a high school in Texas has 18 sets of twins in its graduating class – ZCHS Principal Tim East is disappointed in that news, but he says he knows his students are world class even if they do not make the world record.

A volunteer working on behalf of ZCHS confirmed through the Guinness World Records organization that the prior record for sets of twins in a graduating class was 13 held by a Connecticut high school from the Class of 2010.

A check of the Guinness World Records website at 7 p.m. EST on June 1 revealed that the highest number of sets of twins now noted by the organization balloons all the way to 16. However, each of the two listings of 16 sets of twins in a single high school class is for underclassmen. Thus, ZCHS may still attempt to certify the highest number of sets of twins to actually graduate from the same high school in the same academic year.

“Either way, we are happy to be celebrating another class of well-prepared young people being graduated from our community schools into the world they will lead one day,” East said. “World record or not—these young men and women are poised to do the great things that are possible with hard work and focus on goals.”