FFF Road Closures


A handful of Fishers roads will close for this year’s Xfinity Main parade, which steps off at 4 p.m. Commuters and festival-goers take note: the Fishers Police Dept. can close the roads early upon their discretion. The roads will reopen when the parade is over and observers have cleared the area.

Roads closing at 3 p.m.:

-Lantern Road – Immediately south of 126th Street going south to 116th Street. Lantern and 126th streets will remain open, but the intersection at 116th Street will close.

-All roads will close at the Thomas A. Weaver Memorial Municipal Complex.

-116th Street will close immediately west of the Commercial Drive intersection going west through Hague Road. The Commercial Drive/116th Street and 116th Street/Hague Road intersections will stay open, but police will be controlling them.

-Holland Drive will close from Holland Park south to 116th Street. The intersection there will be closed.

-Sunblest will close between Ellipse Boulevard and Lantern Road.

To get to the Fishers Corner Business Park and the Northeast Commerce Park, commuters will only have access via 116th Street and I-69 area and then by going north onto Commercial Drive.