Plan Commission moves Blackstone project along



After addressing issues raised in its May 21 meeting, the Zionsville Plan Commission approved the Primary and Secondary Plat petitions for Blackstone, a 65-lot subdivision by Ryland Homes in the 7600 block of Oak Street.

Additionally, a horizontal road radius waiver for the subdivison was approved 4-2, with Councilmen Kevin Schiferl and Wayne Haynes dissenting due to disagreements over interpretation of the road radius ordinance.

A waiver regarding distances from driveways to intersections was approved 5-1, with Councilman Wayne Haynes voting against the waiver. The Commission also approved the Feb. 27 and May 21 meeting memoranda.

What it means:

Ryland Homes will move forward on construction of the Blackstone subdivision.

What’s next:

The Zionsville Safety Board will hear Ryland Home’s petition for a fire code waiver at its July 2 meeting. This petition is likely to pass, with Zionsville’s Fire Chief and Fire Marshal in favor of this waiver.


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