Beering approves of Daniels’ appointment



On June 21, Purdue University trustees voted to appoint Indiana governor Mitch Daniels to their presidency.

Daniels, in his second term as governor, will assume the post in early 2013, after his term has been completed. He will replace France Cordova and become the 12th president in the university’s history.

Former Purdue president Steven Beering, a Zionsville resident, applauded the university’s move.

“Mitch Daniels is an inspired choice,” Beering said.“He is bright, well-educated and experienced at the state and federa level. He is good at people and money management, is excited by the challenge and he will do a terrific job.”

Beering served in Daniels’ future role from 1983 to 2000, and was the school’s ninth president. He and his wife, Jane, continue to serve as ambassadors and fund-raisers for the university.


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