Zionsville July Public Safety Notice



PROHIBITED ACTIVITES (Propane & charcoal briquette grills are ok)

  • Campfires / recreational fires
  • Open burning of any kind using conventional fuel such as wood, or other combustible matter
  • Burning of debris such as timber or vegetation, including debris from construction sites
  • All other open flame or heat source that creates a risk of fire hazard

*Fireworks – The use of all consumer fireworks is banned for the next 30 days!

Violating the Open Burning and Fireworks Ban are criminal actions and will be treated as such, please be proactive and help safety officials ensure our community’s health and safety by complying with the actions listed.

Water Restrictions:

Citizens Water is asking all customers in Zionsville to refrain from all lawn watering until further notice due to high demand from the area. Residents may still water flowers, gardens and other plants with a watering can or bucket rather than a sprinkler. Also, residents can water trees less than 3 years old. Citizens Water is asking residents to help us conserve during the current drought.

PLEASE NOTE – The Town of Zionsville does not implement any watering restrictions and does not own or operate the utility; we are assisting with communication of information from them.  Concerns or comments should be directed to Citizens Water at 631-1431.


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