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As a progressive moderate adult in the Fishers community, I was appalled by the partisan and unprofessional ranting in your latest article. Through most of your article, though I disagreed with your point of view, I found your views reasonably supported. For one brief shining moment, I was pleased to finally read a conservative adult who refused to give in to immature whining in order to get a point across.

I have always felt that to get the most out of this great experiment we callAmerica, citizens must act like responsible adults, disagreeing with well-modulated responses so that together, we can synthesize the better solutions that our participatory democracy requires.

But then, you lost control. You ended with, “We hope and pray common sense prevails in the general election and the worst president in the nation’s history is shown the door.” If you were professional or at least considered yourself a responsible adult rather than a fan, you would know that type of hyperbole has no place in a community paper. If you had placed under your banner, Current, The mouth of the Republican Party, or Current, We Write what Republicans tell us to Write, then I would be forewarned.

By any objective measure, President Obama simply isn’t the worst president and I believe that you know that. It is far too soon to measure his performance or even his predecessor’s and given the extreme difficulties that we are facing, your lack of maturity and objectivity makes me wonder if you are merely trolling for advertisers instead of serving your community.

I’m certain that once President Obama’s opponents put together their plan for solving this mess, you will have an opportunity to gloat. I suspect however that as time runs out in the election process, Republicans will fall back on the Nixon strategy and promise better days through some unknowable secret plan.

All Presidents deserve criticism but an unrelenting rant from the right negates all possible benefit that the loyal opposition in our democracy should provide. (Unless, of course, it’s more important for them to win than for our democracy to succeed.)

Stop being a fan and be better next time. Fishers deserves more.


Gary Levey



  1. Bill Moriarty on

    Dear Gary, with regards to your reply to Editor Dan, would you please let us know who in your valued opinion was worse? My picks were Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon, but compared to the current administration, those two looked like geniuses. Lets remember the promises of the 2008 campaign. He was going to unite the nation, what happened? I’ve never saw hate like this in my lifetime. He was going to have CNN at all of his meetings, when has that happened Gary? Then he appointed his good friend Eric Holder to be the director of the DOJ. The arrogance coming out of that chair is unbelievable. Remember the Black Panther bullies swearing at voters , carrying clubs? What did our President do? Did he direct his good friend Holder to correct that, did he direct him to protect our border? He did however, take Executive Privllege to protect his good buddy in the administration of the Fast and Furious scandal which cost American Lives. How about the White House leaks over our problems with Iran? Holder will never come up with a finding on that. Gary, Obama’s first two years in office where a shame. Behind closed doors with Harry and Nancy, the best they could come up with, ‘PASS THE BILL, WE’LL READ IT LATTER. I was born in the mid 30’s, had a great life, proud to be a American, lived in a great country, with equal opportunity to all if you wanted to work. Thats all gone now. You give this guy another four years to spend another five trillion, God help us all. Editor Dan, you hit the nail on the head, keep the good news coming.

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