2 seek reelection to ZCS school board



Zionsville School Board Trustee Rob Wingerter wants to continue to provide sound fiscal management, stability and a long-term perspective in the ever-changing landscape of public education – to that end, he announced his intention to seek reelection on July 9.

Wingerter currently serves as board president, a position he has held nine times since joining in 1992. During his tenure, the district has grown from less than 2,000 students to an enrollment of more than 5,000.

“My background in the areas of tax, accounting and law provides me with the tools to guide Zionsville Schools forward,” said Wingerter, “and continue in their path as the best place to nurture and grow our greatest assets – our children.”

Wingerter is a senior partner at Ernst & Young, LLP, an international accounting and consulting firm. He has served as office managing partner of the Indianapolis office and the area director of tax and consults with many of the largest companies in the state about their tax matters. Wingerter is both a CPA and an attorney and a member of all local, state and national accreditation associations.

Wingerter also currently serves as president of the University of Indianapolis Board of Trustees and as a board member for the United Way of Central Indiana, the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, Wheeler Mission Ministries and Mahseh Ministries, Inc. He is also a past board member of the Indianapolis Symphony and the Indianapolis Hospitality and Convention Association.

Wingerter and his wife, Debbie, live in Zionsville.



Burgess, too

Jane Burgess also announced on July 9 that she is seeking a second term on the Zionsville School Board. In announcing her intention to run, Burgess stressed that many financial challenges still remain for the school district and she values the opportunity to find solutions which will serve both the schools and the Zionsville community.

“Our school corporation has continued to excel despite many economic challenges,” Burgess noted. “I look forward to continuing to work with members of the school system and community to make decisions that reflect fiscal discipline while keeping Zionsville Community Schools an academic leader in the state.”

Burgess highlighted several successful initiatives from her first term in office including: playing an instrumental role in negotiating the St. Vincent sponsorship for Zionsville Community Schools, successfully passing the debt restructure, refinancing existing bonds to save more than $10 million and improving the relationship between the Zionsville Board of Trustees and the Zionsville Town Council.

Burgess currently serves as vice-president of the board, and has previously served as secretary and as the board representative to the Indiana School Boards Association. She and her husband, Claude, have two children.


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  1. According to Ms. Burgess, the debt restructure “saved” the corporation $10million? It didn’t save the taxpayer anything, it fact it adds to the total debt of the corporation at least $9 million. That $10 million supposedly “saved” will still be collected from the taxpayers. It will then be moved from the Debt Fund to the Capital Projects Fund for spending on facilities, technology and technology personnel. Because the payments on the debt will now be stretched out over an additional 10 years (no changes in interest rates occurred) it actually will cost the community an additional $9 million in interest on the debt and bond fees over the life of the bond. This figure is quoted in a letter from the State Board of Accounts. The public document was available before the question on restructuring was put on the ballot in 2011. There is NO savings to taxpayers, it is merely a restructure of a portion of the debt to allow for lower yearly debt payments (similar to refinancing a mortgage). The $10 million Burgess refers to is the difference between taxes collected in the Debt Fund and what is paid out in lower yearly payments on the debt. That $10 million will be transferred over the life of the debt to the Capital Projects Fund to be spent on maintenance of facilities, technology and technology personnel. Kathleen Fon, Zionsville

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