Shame on cartoonist


Dear editor,

I enjoy Current and look forward to reading it each week.  But… shame on Tim Campbell for his Currentoon (July 24, 2012) and for Current for publishing it.
President Obama’s words were taken out of context and are a blatant misrepresentation of what he said. You don’t have to be an Obama fan to know that perpetuating such untruths (on either side of the “aisle”) is harmful to America’s “civil” society.
“Current” obviously speaks for the GOP but since it reaches residents of varying views at least keep it clean and true.

Julie Carter



  1. Tim Campbell on

    Conceding that the President’s words were taken out of context (because he says so) I’m curious as to why the shame for this creation should fall solely upon my shoulders. Shouldn’t the blame also be directed at the lumber mill that provided the paper, the ink manufacturer, the computer program that I colored it with, the postal worker that delivered it, my teachers, parents and so on? If you embrace the Presidents words “somebody else made this happen” then it stands to reason that they should all bear the shame.

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