Wilson’s tactics are getting old


Dear Editor,

This is an open letter to your columnist Danielle Wilson.

Danielle, your column is supposed to be funny, according to the subtitle. It isn’t funny. It is getting tired and old. It’s all been done before. Calling people names, public belittling of your husband, making fun of people you feel are stupid.

I suppose I could just not read your column, but let’s face it. You are like a bloody train wreck; it’s hard to look away. Many of your comments are inappropriate, but you crossed the line in your last column by taking the name of Jesus in vain. From the consensus of the editorials about your column, most people are in agreement – we are just tired of your in-your-face shock tactics. Maybe you should get some new material.

Peace Out!

Kristi Arpasi


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  1. HA! I love it. Danielle is obviously overcompensating for a huge void in her personal life. The way she abuses her husband and attacks other people is evidence of a major mental defect. If what she “writes” passes as journalism these days, then I feel sorry for our future generations. Her “in your face” shock tactics are so dated, she needs some new material and some serious medication.

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