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I’ve read Bob Walters with interest. I wonder why a periodical which strives to represent the community does not present an alternative view of spirituality.

I am one of 20 percent of Americans who does not believe in a God. I cannot speak for all atheists, but there are common threads in what we believe and how we arrived there.

We do not worship the Devil; we do believe in evil in the living form. People are mean to each other and this pains me as much as it pains any church attendee. Recent events in Colorado and Wisconsin were incomprehensibly cruel, and the latter was another example of American racism and prejudice taken to an extreme.

What do we believe in? What did it for me was that religion requires belief in a supernatural being. I have never seen nor heard of a supernatural event that defied the laws of physics. As science progressed, religion saw fit to keep up and prove God’s worth. In my lifetime, the Biblical age of the Earth has gone from 10,000 years to 14 billion.

Atheists look into the universe without limitation. We don’t come to the end of our knowledge and say, “I don’t know so I’ll just believe God did it.” Non-believers have made tremendous strides in the understanding of what we are, and I know sensibility will continue to win out.

Do we have all the answers? No. However, the difference is rather than saying, “God did it,” we say, “I want to learn more.”

Mike Carmel


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