70 thefts reported to FPD in August


Fishers saw 70 reported thefts in the month of August.

During last month, FPD was alerted to thefts including shoplifting, thefts from vehicles, bicycles, buildings and vehicle parts.

Public Information Officer Tom Weger said that amount of reported thefts over a month-long period is typical for the Town of Fishers.

FPD introduced patrols to specific areas that saw various types of theft. At the end of the month, FPD sent out a notice stating that the Tanglewood Neighborhood saw a number of thefts in which thieves stole metal window well covers, and as a result, extra patrols were dispatched to the neighborhood.

In addition to extra patrols, Chief George Kehl, recently instituted a new “impact car” program.

Weger said the program is designed to put police officers in various neighborhoods at specific times of the day in order to get to know residents, as well as deter criminal activity.

Weger said FPD worked in conjunction with Carmel Police Department to investigate catalytic converter thefts, which led to arrests in CPD’s jurisdiction.

The three people arrested are suspects in thefts in Carmel, Fishers, Westfield and Noblesville.



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