Views slipping into unseemly territory



As an American citizen, in addition to a resident of Carmel, I’m concerned that the partisan views of the Current’s editors are slipping into unseemly territory. As the Pennsylvania I.D. law has been the subject of intense media scrutiny over the past 6 months, and examples of any meaningful fraud have not been brought forward, it has become clear the intent of the law was strictly partisan in nature: suppressing minority votes for President Obama. Not only do the Current editors make this point so did the majority leader of the Pennsylvania Congress. Does our community want to be known for a newspaper that advocates the suppression of minority voting for the political gain of their preferred political party? Do the businesses that advertise in that paper want to be seen as supportive of that behavior? If the editors could produce substantive evidence that supported their claims, that would be a different story but absent that, it is obvious that it is not responsible journalism they are practicing. It is nothing but base political propaganda of a very un-American manner; propaganda that strikes at our most democratic values.

Rick Dossey


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