Something needs to change in Washington


Well it’s over … but it’s also the beginning of The End. I watch and listen to my country rant and rave about the Presidential candidates and it makes me wonder if they still don’t realize they are being lied to.

America, you only have two out of 300 million-something people to choose from, and one of them already strutted his stuff for four years and failed. It’s like watching a couple of used car salesmen compete for your business by lying and telling you what you want to hear.

I am not happy with how we do our voting in America! This country has more intelligent people with moral fiber than just two jacked-up liars. Did either of these men talk about term limits or how they would cut back government’s involvement in everyday activities? Did they look in the camera again and tell you they would cut taxes, help the debt and get this country on track? Did they both get caught being hypocrites or changing their minds on an issue?

It seems to me they are all the same, because if they weren’t, there would be a clear leader right out of the gate. This crap won’t change until new people take over and that won’t happen because the people who vote for the right answers in Congress are the ones who don’t want to lose their jobs.

My point: Let’s not get so excited and passionate about the same wool-over-the-eyes tricks we’ve seen for years. If you want to put your trust into someone who will take care of you, then put it in Jesus and not a bunch of fools who inhale greed. Don’t let the big rock show steal your mind with fantasy about how one man can change the country for the better when he’s got so many of his own fighting him.

Remember, “United we stand, divided we fall.” Our Congress is always divided like a bunch of bickering kids on a school playground. We still live in the best country ever, but can we figure out a better way by holding people in political positions accountable by what they say and by how their bank accounts grow? They hold public office – don’t we have a right to monitor their income after they are in office? Anything over their salary or profits from their business should be monitored to stop lobbyists from buying leaders and tainting my country.

I’m Hogjawz, and I approve this message.