Cook says city is “booming” at annual address


Westfield Mayor Andy Cook detailed the current city projects, programs and goals when he delivered his sixth State of the City address to the Westfield Chamber of Commerce on Nov. 15.

“I’m here today to say that I can sum up the State of the City in one word … and that word is ‘booming,’” he told the crowd.

Cook went on to state that because of careful planning of large projects while the economy was down, the city has now begun implementing those plans and is beginning to see a return on investment. An example given was the city has seen permit revenue increase this year by $20 million over last year’s year-to-date totals. Building permit numbers are up 25 percent over last year’s year-to-date totals and new home starts total nearly 300 so far this year, which aligns with home start numbers for the town of Fishers, which is three times the size of Westfield.

The city is also seeing major construction take place aside from U.S. 31 and plans for upcoming projects, including Union Street Flats, a 237-unit upscale apartment complex; Grand Park Villages, 220 acres for residential and commercial use; Springmill Corner PUD, 6.5 acres of commercial; Towne West PUD, 120 acres for residential and commercial; Harmony PUD, 227 acres of residential and commercial; and Casey Acres Apartments with 252 multi-family units on 18.5 acres.

“We have the busiest planning commission in the county and quite possibly the state of Indiana,” said Cook. “Many criticized how we announced plans for several large-scale projects in such a down economy, but we are beginning to see development flocking to Westfield because of the unique environment we are working hard to create.”

Chief of Staff Todd Burtron finished the talk by outlining the city’s goals for 2013, which include a Safe City initiative, enhancements in public infrastructure, excellence in community relations, fiscal responsibility and employee engagement.