Why Wilson, why Thai?



Surely the entire Carmel area does not want to repeatedly read about some problem involving the area covered by underpants in the Wilson family! I’m appalled at her choice of topics to share with everyone. Why on earth, would this family wish to memorialize a birthday dinner, with a published piece of how many trips someone went to the restroom due to gastric distress? Clearly Danielle has no concept of funny family topics. In the short two years I’ve lived in this area, the public was subjected to urine leakage, hemorrhoids the size of toasters, underwear no longer fit to wear due to fear on a hilly road, today’s gastric distress, columns I’ve probably mercifully forgotten and God knows what else in weeks I didn’t bother to even open your paper. This is Thanksgiving week and surely there was some topic more appropriate than diarrhea. Why do you continue to publish this lady’s words? Since your paper seems to appear in everyone’s mailbox, uninvited, you should assure it is decent enough to be read, by people of all ages, as well as at all times of the day, including mealtime. Pull the plug on Danielle.

Ann Trimmer