New beginnings, a month early


For most people, January and the new year that comes along with it is a time of new beginnings. For me, that time came a month early. As the new Managing Editor of Current in Carmel, I have seen my schedule fluctuate drastically and my level of responsibility skyrocket, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Since beginning my work with the Current, I collaborated with the ownership and editors to launch our now-standard Night & Day entertainment section. While it was certainly a lot of work to get off the ground, the section eventually became a consistent part of the Current’s repertoire, and I was ready for more.

When the time came, I was ready and willing to answer the call of duty and take my spot overseeing Current in Carmel each week. Raised in Westfield, I have found myself near, around, and in Carmel on a weekly, if not daily, basis all my life. After graduating from Butler University, I didn’t want to leave the area far behind and now reside quite literally across the street from Carmel on the south side of 96th Street and College Avenue.

Over the next several weeks and months, I will be working to immerse myself entirely in all things Carmel. I have already experienced the rousing discussions of a Carmel City Council meeting, followed a group of protesting teachers from the high school to the heart of the Arts & Design District, taken part in a fair amount of early holiday cheer and been able to talk to and work with some of the most talented people with whom I have ever come in contact. Carmel is easily one of the most exciting places in the state of Indiana, and I am happy to have been given the ability to work in such a position.

You can contact me at for any reason at all. It may take me a day or two for me to get back to you, but I will. Also, you can follow me on Twitter at @CarmelEditor where I will be sending out updates on local government meetings, recaps of local events and pictures from my adventures around Carmel.

Here’s to a bright future!