Creating an indoor snowball fight


This cold weather is killing me! Yea, yea, I’m originally from Boston, I know I should be used to it. But I spent the last nine years in sunny California. I acclimated to the warmer winters. I threw away all my really warm winter coats and my long underwear and my wool socks. So single digits and wind chills into the negative numbers and I don’t get along very well anymore.

Now, if we had a foot of snow, I might not mind so much. I have a big soft spot for snow. But the ice and tiny bit of snow just aren’t cutting it for me. So we are staying indoors as much as possible. Staying indoors with two kids means it’s time for me to get creative and come up with some really fun indoor activities.

We love going to Jolly Days at the Children’s Museum, and this craft was inspired by that exhibit. Once or twice, we happened to be there right in time for the soft, fluffy “snowballs” to be brought out for the snowball fight. The kids loved it, and it got my wheels turning on how to create that experience at home.

So, I took a trip to my craft supply closet, pulled out a couple of items and got to work making some really cute snowballs.

To make this snowball fight kit, you will need:

  • white yarn
  • 3×5 index card
  • scissors

I created my snowballs by making a basic yarn pompom. Wrap the yarn around the 3×5 index card many times (about 40 or more times). Use a smaller piece of yarn to tie around the middle of the yarn loops you’ve  just created.

Then snip all the loops open and voila – an instant indoor snowball.

You and your kids can have a lot of fun sneak attacking each other with snowballs or having an all out family snowball fight! They are so soft that even the youngest of child can participate and no one gets hurt.

Yup. That’s right. There will be no tears, no crying, “he hit me,” no injuries. Well, I can’t really promise what your kids will and will not say or do. But at our house, it was pure bliss!