Simple spring-time creations



I love crafts that I can do with my kids. First, because it gives us something to do that we all love and enjoy working on. Second, when kids can accomplish tasks like this all by themselves, it gives them a huge boost of confidence. In addition, it can give kids an opportunity to explore their creative side along with the chance to work on improving their fine motor skills. So basically, kid crafts are awesome.

So today, I am excited to show you a super fun, really simple craft that is perfect for spring or Easter.  And one of the best parts is that this is a craft my 6-year-old can do all by herself. Well, with adult supervision of course.


Jelly Bean Easter Cone Basket

You will need:

  • Ice cream cones, cake (flat bottom)
  • Twizzlers (or similar)
  • Jelly beans or other item to fill cone
  • Knife (I used a kid safe knife from Pampered Chef, so this made it safer for my 6-year-old to do. She was only allowed to do this under my supervision of course. Please always supervise your kids when doing this.)

How to do:

  1. Using a knife, carefully make holes in the sides of the ice cream cone. You will simply put the tip of the knife in the side of the cone and twist it into the cone to make a hole. Be careful not to make the hole too big.
  2. Carefully insert a Twizzler into the holes.
  3. Fill the cone with jelly beans or other candy.

This would make a cute place holder for the Easter dinner table or a cute gift for your child to hand out to his/her friends. It’s really a perfect craft for any spring-time or Easter celebration or just for your kids to enjoy!

Happy crafting!