Marshmallows, chocolate and sprinkles on a stick


LIFE-PhippsI love marshmallows. I love chocolate. And marshmallows dipped in chocolate are absolutely divine in my opinion. It is one of my favorite quick treat,s and if you add a few sprinkles and a pop stick, you get the perfect treat to eat or to give away.

These are a really fun and simple treat that we love taking as friend and neighbor gifts, and they are really easy to customize for any season or holiday!

So when I was at the store the other day and saw Key Lime and Lemon Meringue marshmallows, I knew these needed to be dipped in chocolate with a pop stick and covered in spring sprinkles.

If key lime and lemon meringue marshmallows aren’t your style, these are just as tasty with regular marshmallows. Here’s what you’ll need.


  • Marshmallows (key lime and lemon meringue are divine but regular ones are really tasty too)
  • White chocolate chips or white melting chocolate
  • Vegetable oil
  • Sprinkles
  • Pop sticks (or paper straws)


  1. Place your chocolate in a microwave safe dish with a little bit of vegetable oil.
  2. Melt chocolate, 30 seconds at a time on 40 percent power, stirring in between. Be careful not to overheat the chocolate.
  3. Place pop sticks into marshmallows.
  4. Carefully dip the top of the marshmallow into the chocolate as far as you like.
  5. Liberally cover the white chocolate with the sprinkles of your choosing.
  6. Wait until chocolate dries.

Enjoy these delicious tasty treats by yourself or share with a few friends.