Be aware but not wary


Dear Editor,


I recently read the April 30th letter to the editor describing a “lockdown drill” at Carmel elementary school. I had to read it twice, I was so shocked that this was a real thing happening in my community.

What a ridiculous, reactionary response to such a rare and horrifying occurrence. The obvious parallel that comes to mind are the futile, fear-mongering atomic bomb drills of the 1950s.

How have I never heard of this? How long have these been occurring? Can parents opt their children out of participating? I can’t imagine sending my kids into a school system that has this sort of practice.

The world is an uncertain place, that is true. But why spend your life living and reacting in fear? I’m not advocating denial or ignorance. I can see why it would be important for teachers to be trained in what to do in the event of an intruder, but why involve the children? Their innocence is beautiful and inspiring. Why do we adults look to take that away from them so quickly?

Be aware, not wary. Look both ways before crossing the street, but don’t wait for a police escort.


Zach Dobson