Shapiro’s Carmel location closing June 17


ShapirosBy Karen Kennedy

Shapiro’s Carmel employees have confirmed that, after more than 11 years in business, the store will be closing on June 17.

Employees said they were given the news on June 12, and the atmosphere was somber in the storefront as employees absorbed the news. A store manager who was working in the Indianapolis location after the announcement declined to comment.

Ara Knepp, the facility manager of Althletico which is a neighboring business, expressed disbelief and dismay upon hearing the news.

“There were literally busloads of people in and out of there all the time,” Knepp said. “Rumors have definitely been going around. Patients have been asking if they were closing. But it doesn’t make any sense, it was always busy. I guess I need to go in there and get my fix. I’ve always told people how to find us by asking them if they knew where Shapiro’s was. I guess I’ll have to do something else now.”

There is a great deal of confusion surrounding the ownership and tenancy agreements of the building at 918 S. Range Line Rd. Although many people have assumed that Brian Shapiro owns the entire building, Knepp pays her rent to Dr. Debbie Boyer and does not know how the ownership of the rest of the building breaks down.

Shapiro has a lease agreement with the city going back to 2010, when the Carmel City Center Development Corp. bought out Shapiro’s nearly $2.5-million mortgage. Shapiro was to have been making rent payments in the amount of $1,000 per month, but questions surround whether he has made those payments in a timely manner. According to records at the Hamilton County Assessor’s office, Shapiro owns 98 percent of his building, with the City of Carmel owning the rest. However, the City of Carmel is paying the property taxes, which are current.

As of this publication, Shapiro had not yet been available for comment.



  1. Their prices are ridiculous and quality of the food has been lacking lately. Used to be a regular customer; less and less as customer service went down hill and prices went up hill. Know many who are unhappy with Shapiro’s price and quality. Won’t miss them.

  2. the food is over rated the portions suck and whey too expensive. there’s a reason they’re closing. maybe the next restaurant will improve on what the customers want.

  3. Sad to hear about Shapiro’s, but it was nice to see Athletico mentioned in the article–it’s connected to the same building as Shapiro’s. I recently went there to get physical therapy on my knee. The quality of the facility and the care from my therapist, Ara, was just amazing. After only two weeks, I’m already seeing huge improvements and would recommend it to anyone. I doubt Shapiro’s leaving will affect their business or any of the other businesses on that block.

  4. I think their high prices has a lot to do with the high rent in Carmel. I know many places left Merchants Square for the same reasons.

  5. John Accetturo on

    Income less than expenses. That is why businesses fail. The bottom line is that Carmel needs a lot more people traffic to support all these restaurants. Many more restaurants than Shapiro’s
    have failed in Carmel over the last few years. How about a business shuttle from all those high rises on Meridian during lunch hours to bring people to restaurants? Have the businesses pay for the bus service not taxpayers.

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