Implants alone won’t solve problem


Q: I just want breast augmentation with implants and don’t want a lift. My sternal notch to nipple distance measures 24 centimeters on each side. I had one plastic suregry consultation and was told I need a lift with breast implants. I would prefer them filled out and was hoping the use of an implant would lift them up. I have lost weight and breastfed, so I have lost the fullness they once had.

A: Your describe an undeniable need for a combined breast lift and augmentation surgery. Implants only provide some degree of lift if the nipples are initially at or above the lower breast crease. If not, the nipples will only be driven lower as the breast volume get bigger. Having a breast lift is really about accepting the scars as a trade-off for the improvement in breast shape. This is easier for some than others but is the defining decision about whether to do anything at all. There is another option, often called the ‘minimal’ or  ‘crescent breast lift. It is not really a breast lift at all but does lift the nipple a bit by removing a small crescent of skin at the upper nipple skin edge. For those women that have a minor amount of sagging, nipple lifts with implant placement might just be enough to get them an acceptable result.


Q: I want to know whether I am a good candidate for liposuction. I have a stomach bulge, but as I have been searching various internet sites, I have seen bigger women than me that have only had the liposuction and show good results. I don’t want a tummy tuck because of the scar. I have never been pregnant and have no stretch marks just a big bulge. Will liposuction be the best option for me? Is losing a little bit of belly weight before a good idea for me?

A: The ideal candidates for abdominal liposuction is primarily defined by the quality of the overlying skin. Nice taut skin that has good elasticity without excess will always produce the best liposuction result, regardless of the liposuction technique used. Skin that has the natural ability to tighten will do better than any method of skin tightening that various liposuction devices tout. Being a female and never having been pregnant, by definition, makes you a good liposuction candidate in most cases. It is always good to begin any weight loss efforts before liposuction so you will already been in the lifestyle change that will help ensure you enjoy the long-term benefits of the liposuction procedure.


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