Group fitness at new location


By Abby Walton

If you’re looking for a heart-pumping, high impact group workout, a new fitness group in Zionsville has just what you need. The Fitness Group LLC at Better Bodies Inc. specializes in the Les Mills style of fitness classes.

“Les Mills is all about group fitness. It’s a set of pre-choreographed movements set to fast paced, high energy music,” said Lindsay Maul, owner of The Fitness Group LLC.

She said the Les Mills style is growing in the Midwest and has 10 different programs to choose from. As of right now, she said The Fitness Group LLC offers five of those programs which include Body Combat, Body Pump, CXWorx, Body Attack and Body Step.

If you’re looking on the company’s website,, the descriptions of the classes can sound intimidating; however Maul said a person doesn’t need to have any experience to take a class.

“We really work with our clients and show different options in class based on their ability,” Maul said.

She said she encourages people to try out a class and then throughout time, try a longer class or increase the intensity of the workout.

“We really try to tailor the classes based on the group’s needs. We just want to help people reach their fitness goals,” Maul said.

With three instructors and classes pretty much every day of the week, Maul said there are several ways to try out a class. She said people don’t have to join Better Bodies to take the classes. This way, Maul said, you only have to pay for the classes you would like to take and there are no contracts.

“There are lots of different ways for people to sign up and pay for classes,” she said.

While there are many fitness classes and gyms in the area, Maul said her company is different because even though it’s in a group setting, the classes are small enough where people can still get individual attention. She also said the people who frequently take the classes also are very welcoming and helpful to newcomers.

“What I love about our clients is that if I’m showing one person how to do something and a new person needs help, a veteran group member is always willing to step in and show them what to do,” Maul said.

Maul said her goal for the new center, at 7031 Mayflower Park Dr., is to provide a workout that’s fun and that people look forward to.

“If we can help get people over that hump about dreading exercise and make it something that they love doing, then we’ve done our job,” Maul said.

To learn more, call 661-8874.

The Fitness Group LLC at Better Bodies Inc.

Owner: Lindsay Maul, owner

Address: 7031 Mayflower Park Dr.

Contact: or 661-8874

Hours: visit the website for class schedules