Brooks fails to lead again



U.S. Rep. Susan Brooks (R-Indiana) voted for the Upton Bill which would have “allowed” insurance companies to keep offering non ACA plans. As a health insurance broker I knew that it would be impossible to recreate eliminated plans overnight just to delay massive cancellations in a year. Recently the Indiana Insurance Commissioner agreed and said Indiana would not allow the recreation of those plans. In addition, instead of fighting to permanently keep our plans like the President promised, Republicans are now fighting for just a one year extension. This extension would have led to massive cancellations at the end of 2014 conveniently for the Democrats after the 2014 elections. Republicans need to stop passing fake “fixes” to appear as if they are working on behalf of their constituents. Rep. Brooks vote was nothing more than cover and an attempt to appear to be fighting hard against Obamacare. False “fixes” and token legislation meant to pander achieves nothing. Washington games need to be replaced with leadership.

David S. Stockdale