Meet your teacher, Kristin Wagler


CIN-ED-Teacher Wagler

Kristin Wagler is a second-grade teacher at Hinkle Creek Elementary. Wagler said she enjoys working at Noblesville Schools because of the people who work with her. “My teammates are the most caring, hardest working group of professionals I know,” she said. “We each have different strengths and are constantly sharing ideas to help each other and our students.”

Why did you become a teacher? I was the little girl who loved school and always wanted to be a teacher. My second favorite job also involved teaching – I was a gymnastics teacher for 10 years. It is all about seeing kids grow. I love being right there beside them when they learn something new.

What are your goals for students? Of course, academic growth is important, but I also hope my students are learning important life skills. Long term, I hope to help my students develop into well-rounded adults who exhibit common sense, curiosity and responsibility.

What advice would you give for parents? Remember we’re all on the same team. Help reinforce what I am doing in the classroom. If your child hears it from both of us (whether it involves academics or behavior), it is more likely to stick.

Any special professional accomplishments/experiences? In college, I was blessed with the opportunity to teach students in Liverpool, England. It was my first experience in a classroom for an extended amount of time (one month), and I learned a lot. Students at this school had not been exposed to many science or social studies topics, so teaching those subjects was an adventure.

What is something others might not know about you? Recently, I obtained my master’s degree in curriculum and educational technology. For the first time in a long time, I am not an “official” student. As a lover of learning though, I’ll always be looking for ways to gain knowledge.