Ivy Tech discusses new programs, expansions


By Sadie Reecer

Dr. Dan Clark

Dr. Dan Clark

Hamilton County Ivy Tech President Dan Clark addressed the Noblesville Common Council April 28, updating them on what’s in the loop at the campus through the rest of the year.

Four major improvements, expansions and offerings highlighted the update:

Testing Center

Ivy Tech’s partnership to have the Adult Basic Education Program at the Noblesville Campus has been one of their many accomplishments, but Clark stated to the council that the campus would be adding a testing facility for those in the program.

He said now the testing had taken place at Noblesville High School, but this year will be moving to the campus and will be the only testing center of its kind in the county.

Excel Center

Sponsored by Goodwill Industries, the Ivy Tech Excel Center is as a type of adult high school that serves adults who do not have a diploma.

Clark said the college wants to expand and lease space to help at least 200 without diplomas.

Dual credit technology courses

In addition to expanding their facilities, the college is looking at offering dual credit courses for high school students.

Clark said these courses would focus technology, including robotics, computer science, etc.

“We’re going to engage in conversations over the summer with these high schools about whether or not we can take advantage of this facility for their students also to come to the campus and take our courses,” Clark said. “There is no high school career technology education center in this county.”

Partnership with Parks and Recreation

The Noblesville Campus has two gyms and a wellness room that Clark said they could make some use of, but the areas would be better served by the entire community.

“We will make some use of them, but not nearly at their capacity,” Clark said. “So, we have had extensive discussions with the parks department to see if they will or can make use.”

Noblesville Parks Director Brandon Bennett said the parks board has approved a partnership between the department and Ivy Tech.

“Generally speaking, what we will be doing is looking at the community gym, wellness room, locker rooms, classrooms and storage and office space,” he said. “In the future, we’ll be looking at the gym and the west cafeteria as banquet space. This will really give Noblesville our community center.”

The Noblesville Common Council will vote on the partnership at their next meeting at 7 p.m. May 12 at City Hall, 16 S. 10th St.


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