Mt. Vernon to launch digital learning program


Compiled by James Feichtner



Mt. Vernon school corporation is adding a 21st century learning upgrade to its classrooms. Beginning with the 2015-16 school year, all students and staff will be immersed in a technology rich environment with individual computer devices. The 1:1 Digital Learning Initiative hopes to engage, enrich, motivate and challenge students while learning modern day computer skills to play an integral part of their everyday lives.

This initiative will bridge the divide between students not having technology access at home and adequate technology in the schools. Students will be presented with a blended learning environment that will include a technology-rich instructional delivery coupled with traditional methods of instruction.

“The primary reason is to continue to stay at the forefront of providing our students with a 21st century learning environment, “ said MVCSC Superintendent Dr. Shane Robbins. “Not only does it provide flexibility, it also is a proven way to increase engagement and efficiency in the classroom, while increasing student achievement.”

For kindergarten through grade 6, the district staff and students will utilize 16GB Apple iPads. The iPads have a natural kinesthetic component that keeps students engaged and on task. For students and staff in grades 6 through 12, Dell Chromebooks will be distributed to be utilized for word processing and research capabilities, among other programs. Initially, only grades 6 through 12 will have the option to transport devices home.

Parents are invited to attend an “Open Town Hall 1:1 Meeting” to hear a brief presentation from MVCSC’s Dr. Robbins, and have an opportunity to ask questions. The parents’ “Open Town Hall 1:1 Meeting” for the 1:1 Initiative will be July 15th at Fortville Elementary School Cafeteria beginning at 6 p.m.

For parents of students and those interested in learning more, visit the MVCSC school website’s FAQ section under the tab titled “1:1 Plan” or at , which will provide details on topics such as no home internet access. How students will be kept electronically safe and curriculum software, among other topics.


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