Indiana Court of Appeals denies Whitestown’s request for the enforcing of 30-day rule in Zionsville


On Monday, July 13 the Indiana Court of Appeals filed an order denying Whitestown of its request that the state enforce Appellate Rule 65(E)– a rule that states no court decision goes into effect for 30 days, according to Whitestown Town Manager Dax Norton.

“It’s once they make a decision, the decision does not go into effect for 30 days,” he said.

This comes after the Indiana Court of Appeals’ ruling last month that allowed Zionsville to reorganize with Perry Township and have a mayor.

Whitestown issued the following statement from town attorney Steve Unger on July 13:

“The Town of Whitestown just received a copy of the Court of Appeals’ Order on the Appellate Rule 65(E) issue, Whitestown will continue with its request for this matter to be reviewed by the Indiana Supreme Court.”

The town of Zionsville issued the following statement on July 13: “We are obviously very pleased with the ruling.  It confirms that Zionsville has been acting appropriately.”