Letter: Opponents seem to be selective



There were a lot of people at the Aug. 17 Carmel City Council meeting who spoke in opposition to Mayor Brainard’s proposed anti-discrimination ordinance. One of their main sticking points is that such an ordinance would violate their “deeply held religious beliefs” that do not allow them to do business with the LGBT community, because that’s what the Bible tells them.

Therefore, in the name of fairness and consistency, I assume none of these same folks will do business with anyone who has engaged in premarital sex, any man who is clean shaven, anyone with tattoos, anyone who is divorced, anyone who eats shellfish, anyone who touches a woman while she is menstruating, anyone who wears ripped jeans, anyone who wears two different fabrics at the same time or anyone who has ever worked on Sunday – because that’s what their Bible says. If businesses are going to adhere to one law noted in the Bible, shouldn’t they adhere to all of them? Anything less seems to be the selective use of Bible verse.

I am a lifelong, very proud resident of Carmel and as such, I urge the City Council to pass this ordinance, with reasonable amendments, in a timely manner. Many people complain that government often passes laws reactively. Carmel leaders have always been forward thinking, and this is another chance for them to continue that proactive tradition.

Sue Wolfgang