Permanent closure of 103rd Street at US 31 begins tonight


CIC-COM-0915-103rd closure

Construction crews plan to permanently remove access to and from US 31 at 103rd street beginning after rush hour Sept. 8.

Once 103rd Street closes at US 31 and the signal at the intersection is removed, traffic heading south to Meridian Street and to I-465 south of 106th Street will become free-flowing.

As part of the final configuration of US 31, 103rd Street will become a cul-de-sac on either side of US 31, and nearby access to and from US 31 will remain available via I-465, 106th Street and 116th Street.

Also, the 111th Street overpass is expected to open in mid-September, which will allow eastbound and westbound access over US 31. The 126th Street/Carmel Drive bridge is now also open to two lanes in each direction over US 31.

Access to/from US 31 and St. Vincent Health/Heart Center will remain available via 106th Street. See the map illustration below for suggested routes to St. Vincent Health/Heart Center following the 103rd Street closure.


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