Westfield to better special needs learning


By Anna Skinner

In years past, Westfield Washington Schools has taken part with the Hamilton Boone Madison Educational Service, but this year, the district has broken away from the HBM Co-op and formed their own.



Chase Stinson, director of student services at WWS says this will better provide special education services and support to all students.

The cooperation between districts previously shared special education services to provide the best possible services for students with special needs.

The HBM Co-op includes five districts and provides therapists, psychologists, certified staff, and curriculum and technology training to all staff. It provides interactive videos and information about raising a child with special needs. Their website is noblesvilleschools.org/Domain/21.

“WWS made the move away from HBM to better customize services for students at Westfield,” Stinson said. “We feel that this will allow us to have a better focus on our students and staff needs and the ability to react more efficiently as programs and services evolve.”

The district notified the HBM Co-op of the switch one year in advance.

“I believe the change allows our school staff to better serve the needs of our students. It also allows WWS to become a more flexible system of care as those needs change,” Stinson said.


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