Letter: A few points to consider regarding roundabouts



Roundabouts seem to serve the additional purpose of identifying impaired drivers, and inattentive drivers! There are some points that need to be considered while we engage in the addition of many more roundabout projects:

  • There are already too many different designs of roundabouts. It would have been better if we had stuck with a smaller number of different types as visitors can become confused.
  • The outside curbs should be changed from their present wheel-destroying vertical edges to ones that are more moderate in angle.¬† Certainly that will disappoint the companies who sell replacement tires and wheels, but curbs would be less damaging.
  • The signage should be consistent, noting in advance what the cross street will be and what lane¬† to occupy further preceding the roundabouts.
  • The roundabout marking at Main Street and Illinois puzzles those going from eastbound Main Street to northbound Illinois.

Paul Snyder