Letter: Constitutional patriots reject political smear



A political mailing regarding the candidacy of Pete Peterson for Hamilton Co. Republican Chairman was received yesterday by a number of Hamilton Co. Precinct Chairs, Vice Chairs and elected officials. The document was sent via U.S. Post Office in an unmarked envelope without a return address. The attribution at the bottom of the mailing stated, “Members of the Constitutional Patriots of Hamilton County.”

The Constitutional Patriots wish to make it absolutely clear that we had no role in creating or distributing this dishonorable document.

The Constitutional Patriots believe there are more principled methods for bringing questions into the public view, including vetting or not vetting candidates. Silently mailing anonymous, non-attributed letters to Precinct Chairmen is not a respectable method of engaging public discourse nor is it an ethical means of achieving a political end.

The Constitutional Patriots reject such methods.

Dwight Lile

The Constitutional Patriots