Work Here aims to improve job searching

From left, CEO Howard Bates, CTO Rick Wehrle, and COO Mike Seidle of Work Here. (Submitted photo)

From left, CEO Howard Bates, CTO Rick Wehrle, and COO Mike Seidle of Work Here. (Submitted photo)

By Joseph Knoop

In the digital age, finding work options can be as simple as a brief search on one of numerous job websites. Work Here, a new Carmel-based company and job search engine aims to ease the burden of searching out hyper-local employment and workforce.

Work Here Chief Operating Officer Mike Seidle, along with Chief Technology Officer Rick Wehrle, previously helped establish the National Labor Exchange, a job exchange network between all 50 state workforce agencies, in 2007. The motivation for moving into a more approachable job network was the result of a desire to address gaps in job listings for people with minimal college level education and below.

“You had LinkedIn and Monster and all the job boards for the highly skilled professional marketplace, and what we’re seeing is that for most of the jobs there just weren’t the right tools, so we started work on what became Work Here,” Seidle said.

The app, which can be found on, allows users to search for jobs based on proximity, as well as follow various businesses to receive notifications when positions open up. A social media component allows for jobs to also be organized by who in your network also works at a certain company. Employers can also use the site to recruit a local workforce.

The company also collected three experienced professionals to act as advisors to the company, including former president and “Father of the Online Job Board” Bill Warren, founder Will Bunker and Marco’s Pizza franchise owner Wayne Patrick.

“There’s a lot of similarities to the kind of application we’re building,” Chief Executive Officer Howard Bates said. “We’re really just getting going, so I think we’re starting to leverage the value they bring. We can take lessons from what they’ve learned.”

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