Letter: Kroger provided safety during tornado warning



A huge shout out to the professional and kind employees at the Kroger grocery on Range Line Road in Carmel. I was grocery shopping when the tornado warning began. The staff politely moved all of us to the back of the store toward the meat lockers, then encouraged everyone to go into the meat locker. They proceeded to pass out cookies and water and jackets to the customers. They gave balloons to the children. There were regular announcements about the tornadoes and when the warnings were over.

The Kroger staff went above and beyond to ensure the safety, comfort and security of their customers. Thanks so much. If I had to get stuck in a tornado hitting close by, Kroger was the place to be. Thoughts and prayers to those in Kokomo.

By the way, I am not employed by Kroger and neither is my family.

Rebecca Malenkos, Carmel