Letter: Road construction ill-timed at best



At best, the road construction projects in Carmel are ill-timed. Why were these projects not completed during the summer when it would have minimized the impact on school bus routes and times? Many of these projects are so long they will stretch into late fall, when we have the potential for freezing, snow and ice. I believe some of the timelines will have roads closed on election day in November. Voting should not be impeded by multiple detours, traffic jams and extended travel times.

Although some may love the roundabouts, they can be very dangerous. Too many people do not know how to stay in their own lane, exit properly using a directional, or yield to traffic on the roundabout. In addition, the roundabout lanes can be incredibly confusing, especially when one is trying to take the third exit. For those traveling to Carmel, the roundabouts are so confusing, many people say they now avoid the city altogether. Is that what we want?

I avoid certain roundabouts at certain times of day because I will not be going with the dominant flow of traffic. Roundabouts at intersections like Main Street and Gray Road and 116th Street and Gray Road will be nightmares for people traveling north-south during peak traffic times (especially Main Street between 7 and 8 a.m.), especially with a lack of proper roundabout use in Carmel.  When I raised this issue with Mayor Brainard, stating that not every intersection is appropriate for a roundabout, I was told that the city is investigating mitigating the problem by installing traffic signals before the roundabouts. What?

The lack of consulting with the public who travel the streets every day before undertaking millions of dollars in roundabout projects is an insult. Many of these projects feel more like a quest for legacy than a legitimate solution to a traffic flow issue.

Michelle Stifter