St. Angelo launches My Trusted Partner


By Mark Ambrogi

Susan St. Angelo saw a need for her new personal money manager business during her years as a private banker.

St. Angelo

St. Angelo

St. Angelo, 50, formed My Trusted Partner LLC last year. She had been with National Bank of Indianapolis for 15 years, including her last six years at NBI’s West Clay branch in Carmel.

“I waited until I was sure I was going to transition out of the bank,” St. Angelo said. “I officially launched it in April at a seminar termed Care for the Caregiver, which I thought was a good time to do it.”

St. Angelo, a north Indianapolis resident, had been researching the daily money management field for more than a year. St. Angelo offers the following service to her clients: budgeting, financial record keeping, bill paying and account reconcilement, tax document organization, and insurance statement research and reconcilement. Being a business owner was something she was told she was meant to do years ago during a career assessment as a DePauw University student. Her assessment determined she should be a teacher or sole proprietor.

“So a couple of years after college I ended up in banking,” St. Angelo said. “It was a good fit. I moved up the ranks on the banking side (in Ft. Wayne). I moved back to Indianapolis and stayed in the banking center side for a number of years, then transitioned into private banking the last 10 years of my career.”

Bank clients would often ask if she could help with finances for their elderly parents.

“There was such a need for it and it wasn’t a need that our trust department could fill because it didn’t meet the threshold of a certain asset level,” St. Angelo said. “We’re used to working in private banking with a higher net worth. For me, it provides an extra set of eyes and it provides a peace of mind. Every service I provide will be a little different. It might be short-term and it might be long-term.”

St. Angelo joined the American Association of Daily Money Mangers this year, giving the Indianapolis area three members. Along with elderly clients, St. Angelo said there is a huge need for people in transition, whether it’s from death or divorce.

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