Letter: Businesses should invest in PAC


Dear fellow community school supporters,

I am reaching out to you, your family and your business to first thank you for being an “investor” in our great Westfield community. Along with the outstanding initiatives by our local governmentl leaders in creating a profitable business environment to invest in Westfield, our schools have been a major reason we have, and continue, to attract many new families to our growing city. The founders and long-time residents of Westfield have built a great foundation of a family place to live, and our schools have built on this foundation to be one of the highest rated school systems every year.

I am asking for your support for our great Westfield teachers, administrators, support staff, coaches and our whole Westfield team. Our schools and teachers have been very good to our community, and with you being an investor in Westfield, you understand the need to support our schools to maintain our outstanding community. We need to jump in and demonstrate this support for our schools this election cycle by first voting “yes” on the operating budget referendum and by donating to the “Westfield Invest in Quality PAC” so that the steering committee can have the resources to help educate our community on the need to vote “yes” on the ballot this fall.

I would ask that you and your business donate to the PAC, so we show our support for the “yes” vote and help with the needed resources. Please join my family/business in donating resources to this very important effort. Our goal is to raise over $30,000 by the end of September 2016, so I respectfully ask that you give this request consideration. I would hope we raise over half of this from our business community.

Thank you.

Birch Dalton, Westfield