Column: Chamber implements new logo



Commentary by Jack Russell 

Throughout the 35-year history of the Westfield Chamber of Commerce, business has evolved. In this time, we have seen the amount of letters we send out go down and the amount of Facebook posts go up. As a chamber, we look at your programming and membership to make sure that we can best serve your business community. We are proud to now offer even more programs and have added more than 70 new members this year to the Westfield Chamber.

We have such a diverse group of new and established businesses in Westfield that we believed our brand needed updated. We are happy to announce our new logo to the community. Our board of directors believes that the new logo truly represents who we are as a community and further expresses the vison of connecting people with people.

As we look ahead, we will begin to evolve a “standard luncheon” from adding more technology, attracting high profiles to speak at our events, to even slowly eliminating the aptly-named “Chamber Chicken.” If you have been to any chamber luncheon you will understand. We, at the Westfield Chamber of Commerce, truly believe in challenging the status quo of how chambers are run. Just like business, so many new, great ideas challenge the idea of, “This is how we have always done it,” and that is what we strive to do at the chamber and gladly accept the challenge.

If we can become innovative in how we help our business community grow and expand here in Westfield, then we are doing our job. These concepts and ideas that have been discussed are all portrayed in our new logo. As a chamber we acknowledge the past and look forward to the future of business in Westfield. The bar has been set high in Hamilton County and in the state of the Indiana when it comes to our public safety officers, our schools and our businesses. We strive for excellence each and every day, and the Westfield Chamber is proud to continue to support a positive business environment.

Jack Russell has served as the president of the Westfield Chamber of Commerce since May. During that time he has established partnerships with Indy Eleven, Westfield Washington Public Library, Westfield High School and Purdue Polytechnic. He has also established a new program, Coffee with the Chamber.