Fishers’ Pint Cycle, Garden Party Botanical Hard Sodas partner to provide samples, special cocktails


By Anna Skinner

The Pint Cycle has made its pedal print throughout the City of Fishers over the past year, and the BYOB, drink and bike program is now partnering with new Indianapolis business Garden Party Botanical Hard Sodas.

Garden Party Botanical Hard Sodas has two beverages, Ruby and Violet. (Submitted photo)

Garden Party, which launched in November, was the recipient of the Beverage Industry Magazine’s 2016 Innovation of the Year award.

“This was not something we applied for, it was a genuine recognition for what we’ve created which is super cool,” Co-founder Erin Edds said. “The product itself is a ready-to-drink crafted cocktail with 8 percent alcohol. It is 100 percent all natural, and we launched with two flavors. Violet is a lemon soda with lavender and blackberry and Ruby is spicy ginger infused with pomegranate and hibiscus.”

Garden Party is based in Indianapolis and distributed by Monarch Beverages. The Pint Cycle plans to offer samples of the beverage for no additional cost during its tours and also partnering with Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, 8594 E. 116th St., to create special cocktails using the Violet and Ruby drinks.

“In all honesty, we kind of stumbled across each other a little bit over social media and Twitter and then Stephen (Edds) and Erin reached out to me proactively and kind of wanted to introduce themselves to me and see what all we did on the Pint Cycle and see if there are opportunities for collaboration,” Pint Cycle Founder Chris Hutchinson said. “It’s a really impressive award they have won in such a short period of time and I wanted to make sure we could highlight that.”

The partnership will begin after this month. For the sampling option, a representative from Garden Party will be present to provide drinks to the riders.

“Brixx is really excited to have this opportunity to be, right now, the only tour stop we have offering these cocktails in Fishers,” Hutchinson said. “We are also looking at trying to do some things around the Friday summer concerts and see if we can maybe highlight those cocktails and highlight the sodas themselves during concerts and things along those lines. It’s pretty cool that we now have these three entities all working together to try and tell a bigger story. I think that story is obviously we have this really cool, innovative beverage here in central Indiana tied to a fun adult outdoor activity and is also connected to the more popular and fastest growing bars and restaurants in Fishers.”

The four-pack of 12 oz. cans retail for an average of $9.99. They are available in Big Red Liquors.

“We are just really excited to be involved on a community level with a city like Fishers,” Edds said.

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